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Why Did the Pharisees Dislike Jesus?


It may well be in the calculus of evil that the only character faring worse than a Nazi is the Pharisee.  These were the first dark caps. In every one of the gospel accounts, they are the no-accounts, the very thwart of Jesus Himself. We, since we are heathens simply like them, attribute to the Pharisees each possible sin that we figure ourselves not liable of. We may need to admit to this transgression or that, yet at any rate, we let ourselves know, we don’t care for those folks. In our scapegoating account, we surmise that when Jesus showed up the Pharisees detested Him for the straightforward reason that He was great and they underhanded. He strolled down the road, and they murmured and sputtered. He mended a puppy and they kicked it.

In all actuality the Pharisees hated … Read the rest