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Mark 3:20-35 | Who Are My Mother And My Brother




Who Are My Mother And My Brother

By Elson Robinson


Mark 3:20-35

Key Verse: 3:35


“Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.”


In last week’s passage, the religious leaders were seriously faulty in their teachings and conduct. These men had great knowledge of the law. However, while they had great knowledge, they lacked the understanding needed to go with it. While they understood the letter of the law, they missed the heart of the law. They used the Sabbath— a gift from God for man’s benefit— as a tool to condemn others. They were called to love, to serve and to guide the people in the ways of God. But they abused their office. They used a man with a shriveled hand cruelly to entrap … Read the rest

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