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Nehemiah 9:38-10:39 | A Binding Agreement


A Binding Agreement

Nehemiah 9:38-10:39

Key Verse 10:28-29

“The rest of the people–priests, Levites, gatekeepers, singers, temple servants and all who separated themselves from the neighboring peoples for the sake of the Law of God, together with their wives and all their sons and daughters who are able to understand— all these now join their brothers the nobles, and bind themselves with a curse and an oath to follow the Law of God given through Moses the servant of God and to obey carefully all the commands, regulations and decrees of the Lord our Lord.”

The Bible had not been read to the people in public for a very long time. And now generations later, a group of people had stood there at the newly rebuilt temple and listened attentively to the Bible being read to them by … Read the rest

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