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Matthew 21:33-46 | THE OWNER AND HIS TENANTS



Matthew 21:33-46
Key Verse: 21:37

“Last of all, he sent his son to them. ‘They will respect my son,’ he said.”

Jesus said to those who thought they were in good standing with God: “I tell you the truth, the tax collectors and the prostitutes are entering the Kingdom of God ahead of you.” (21:31) That’s remarkable that the despicable tax collectors and prostitutes would even have a chance at salvation, considering the terrible lives they had led. But Jesus explained to those who thought they were saved on account of their own self righteousness why they were far behind the tax collectors and prostitutes when it came to salvation. He goes on to tell them: “For John came to you to show you the way of righteousness, and you did not believe … Read the rest

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