What is the Message of God?

word of god

God, in adoration, has pushed Israel to the edge of total collapse. They are enduring massive agony and they shout out to the Lord for deliverance.

What do you figure an adoring God would do? Truth be told, I would need God to just end my agony, drive out the Midianites, and restore my life back to its serene typicality, much thanks!

In any case, that is not God’s reaction. Rather, He sends a prophet. That looks bad to me – I’m in an awful auto crash and as opposed to sending a cop or EMT officer, the 911 dispatcher sends a columnist! My representation is defective, however here’s the point – when God sends a prophet, it discloses to you that He’s subsequent to something more than just situational help.

God is after the heart – He’s not content with simply evolving conditions. He doesn’t get some vicious joy when you encounter torment, yet enamored, He will enable that torment to proceed on the off chance that it implies you’re more open to His Word.


There are three things that the prophet says to Israel:

1. “Everything Good Comes From Me.”

The prophet is perusing God’s resume of goodness. It’s a significant rundown! Be that as it may, Israel, in their wrongdoing and numbness, overlooks the decency of God and pursues icons.

Try not to be too hard on Israel – you and I disregard God’s decency, as well as we really assume acknowledgment for what no one but He could deliver. It’s a dismal and hazardous reality; when we think we have moved on from the divine arrangement and begin to depend on singular quality, the results can be crushing.

2. “I Redeemed You So I Own You.”

In case you’re God’s tyke, you should never see your life as having a place with you. Each circumstance, area, and the relationship has a place with the Lord since we’ve been purchased with a cost.

God conveyed Israel from bondage in Egypt and thusly, He has the perfect ideal to reveal to them how to carry on with their life. Similarly, He conveyed us from subjugation to sin, so He has each privilege to disclose to us how to live (1 Corinthians 6:20). There can be just a single King of your heart, and God declines to surrender His position of royalty.

3. “I’m Not Faithless – You Are.”

Try not to squander your profound and enthusiastic vitality agonizing over the steadfastness of God. God has been dedicated all through the historical backdrop of the world, is right now unwavering to you, and will ever be devoted to His guarantees.

Instead, expand your spiritual energy out of concern for your own faithfulness. Each and every person reading this Article, regardless of your age or maturity, has a faithfulness problem inside their heart (myself included).

Devoted GOD

It’s so natural for us to end up unfaithful heathens. Our golden calves aren’t made of gold and molded like creatures, yet don’t fall into believing that excessive admiration was the perfect issue for Old Testament Israel. Excessive admiration is a battle for us today.

Be that as it may, God stays devoted; He will get back to His kids. He will even enable inconvenience to enter your life to help you to remember where genuine life is found.

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