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Mark 14:12-26 | Jesus’ Blood Poured Out For Many


Jesus’ Blood Poured Out For Many

Mark 14:12-26

Key Verse: 14:24


“‘This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many,’ he said to them.”

This is what Christians call the “Last Supper”. Through it he made a “new covenant” with his disciples— with all those who believe in him. The word “Covenant” means a “binding agreement”  or “promise” sealed between two people. Most covenants would be sealed in ink or a handshake. But the covenant Jesus made with his disciples was one to be sealed in blood— his own blood. And this covenant was not with every one, but only with those who put their faith in him. And that meant his disciples back then, and after then all who have believed the gospel by their testimony.  And here we … Read the rest

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