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Acts 19:13-41 | I Must Visit Rome Also by Pastor Teddy

I Must Visit Rome Also


Acts 19:13-41

Key Verse 19:21


“After all this had happened, Paul decided to go to Jerusalem, passing through Macedonia and Achaia. ‘After I have been there,’ he said, ‘I must visit Rome also.’”


We started chapter 19 and so far spoke quite a bit about those “believing” “disciples” that Luke mentions at the beginning of the chapter who actually scare us. They scare us because as many as existed in those days back then, they exist today as well; and the scary thing about them is that they are believers who actually consider themselves disciples of the Lord Jesus, but who do not have the Holy Spirit. Worse yet, many of them have no idea who the Holy Spirit is! And that’s scary. It’s not their fault though. It’s the … Read the rest

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