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How to Have Faith When God Says “No”

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Have you at any point implored a petition and got a “no” from God accordingly?

Supplications for recuperating, petitions for compromise seeing someone, supplications for answers, supplications for clearness… they aren’t generally met with the reactions we seek after. We ask, we cry, we ask, we quick, we read Scripture, and we have an inclination that we’re doing everything right, yet God still appears to state no to our solicitations.

Ordinarily, when we feel like God isn’t hearing us or isn’t noting our supplications, we get frantic at him. We feel sharp toward him. We may begin to disdain him or keep running from him, since we feel like he isn’t there and he simply doesn’t get it.

Be that as it may, the thing is, Ann Swindell brings up in her article “Battling to Say ‘Yes’ When God Says … Read the rest

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