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He Has Risen!

he has risen

“A holy messenger of the Lord descended from paradise and, setting off to the tomb, moved back the stone and sat on it.”

Can you understand the holy messenger’s ghastliness when people ridiculed, spat on, beat, lashed and executed the Son of God?

A Thunderous Arrival

Envision the delight of the holy messenger whose loud entry made the ground shake. God picked him to be the person who moved back the stone not to free Jesus but rather to uncover Him effectively lost!

Can you picture the heavenly attendant’s glimmering face as he roosted on that stone?

The watchmen were afraid to the point that they shook and wound up noticeably like dead men. The memorial park required a couple of people acting like dead men since some of the some time ago dead were all of a sudden strolling … Read the rest

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