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Worthy Is the Lamb Who Was Slain

worthy is the lamb

The cry has gone all through paradise and earth searching for the person who is qualified to open the parchment. John looks and sees the Lamb remaining as if it had been killed. We noted in our last exercise that this demonstrates the way the Lion of the clan of Judah would prevail. The Christ won’t overcome by physical power or military may however through his conciliatory passing on the cross.

The Lamb (5:6-8)

The Lamb has numerous remarkable attributes that we have to watch. In the first place, the Lamb has seven horns. We will see all through the book of Revelation that the number seven speaks to culmination and flawlessness. A horn on one’s head speaks to power and quality, similar to a creature that has horns on its head demonstrates control (cf. Daniel 7:7,20). Christ is the … Read the rest