Worthy Is the Lamb Who Was Slain

worthy is the lamb

The cry has gone all through paradise and earth searching for the person who is qualified to open the parchment. John looks and sees the Lamb remaining as if it had been killed. We noted in our last exercise that this demonstrates the way the Lion of the clan of Judah would prevail. The Christ won’t overcome by physical power or military may however through his conciliatory passing on the cross.

The Lamb (5:6-8)

The Lamb has numerous remarkable attributes that we have to watch. In the first place, the Lamb has seven horns. We will see all through the book of Revelation that the number seven speaks to culmination and flawlessness. A horn on one’s head speaks to power and quality, similar to a creature that has horns on its head demonstrates control (cf. Daniel 7:7,20). Christ is the Lamb that was killed, however, he is seen with idealizing power and quality. This is certainly not a vulnerable sheep. This is anything but a feeble sheep. This sheep has the finish, sovereign power. Further, the Lamb has seven eyes. John discloses to us the importance of the seven eyes, “which are the seven spirits of God conveyed into all the earth.” This is the third time we have perused about the seven spirits of God. Disclosure 1:4 and Revelation 4:5 are alternate spots where the book additionally alludes to the seven spirits of God. In our past examinations in said that we would hold up until Revelation 5:6 preceding we completely investigated the significance of this image.

“The seven spirits of God conveyed into all the earth” originates from Zechariah 4:10. Zechariah 4:10 says, “These seven are the eyes of the Lord, which run through the entire earth.” The prophetic picture in Zechariah is the guarantee that God would achieve the modifying of the sanctuary in Jerusalem. The expression of the Lord tells Zerubbabel, who was the pioneer of the general population of the principal come back from Babylonian bondage, that it would not be by physical control, but rather by God’s Spirit that these things would be proficient. God sees all that is going on (consequently the seven eyes speaking to consummate information and impeccable sight) and will achieve his designs and purposes. Keep in mind that the general population was kept from remaking the sanctuary when they initially returned. In this manner, the sanctuary of the Lord stayed devastated. God is proclaiming in this prediction that he sees all that is going ahead on the earth. God realized that their plans of modifying had been baffled. Be that as it may, God had proclaimed for the sanctuary to be reconstructed and subsequently it will be revamped by the energy of God’s Spirit. Bring this importance into Revelation 5. God knows and sees all that is going on the earth. God knows their abuse and enduring. Be that as it may, God’s designs won’t be frustrated. The Lamb will run the show. The Lamb will win. God’s Spirit is grinding away and God will satisfy his guarantees and predictions. The Lamb is the instrument through which the majority of God’s designs will be satisfied.

In verse 7 we read the Lamb takes the look from the correct hand of the one sitting in the position of royalty. When he took the parchment, take a gander at what happens. The four living animals and the 24 older folks tumble down before the Lamb. Keep in mind in part 4 that the four living animals and the 24 older folks were worshiping the person who sits in the position of royalty. The 24 seniors were tumbling down before God as he sits on the royal position. Presently the four living animals and the 24 older folks are tumbling down and worshiping the Lamb. The fact is basic yet effective. The Lamb is divine. The Lamb is God. The Lamb is deserving of love.

We have demonstrated one other fascinating viewpoint concerning the 24 seniors. Verse 7 reveals to us that the 24 older folks are holding a harp and the brilliant dishes of incense. John discloses to us the brilliant dishes of incense speak to the petitions of the holy people. We see supplication envisioned as the smoke of the incense ascend to God in Psalm 141:2 and Luke 1:9-10. The holy people are not unique individuals, as once in a while thought of by those in religion. Or maybe, in the sacred text, the holy people is a shorthand method for talking about God’s kin who have been separate and made blessed. A wonderful picture is put before us. The petitions of God’s kin ascend to the position of authority room of God and the Lamb.

Application: Have you at any point thought about whether there is an incentive in the petition? Have you at any point suspected that asking appears like conversing with one’s self? Maybe you have thought about whether anybody hears your supplications. Disclosure 5 indicates us completely that supplication achieves the very royal position room of God. God hears your words. God sees and knows all that is going ahead all through the earth. Indeed, even still, God hears your supplications.

Commendable Is The Lamb (5:9-10)

Toward the start of Revelation 5, a cry went out from the solid holy messenger, “Who is qualified to open the parchment and break its seals?” The appropriate response comes in melody in verse 9. The 24 senior citizens are singing another melody concerning the Lamb. In the Old Testament, “another melody” is a declaration of acclaim for God’s triumph over the adversaries. In Isaiah 42:10 we read about singing to the Lord another tune. The acclaim concerns how the Lord had limited himself yet now will shout out, act, and judge (Isaiah 42:14-17). I trust the point in Isaiah is a similar point in Revelation. God has controlled himself from acting. The new tune uncovers that God is presently going to act and judge.

What are the expressions of the melody? “You are qualified to take the parchment and open its seals.” Why is the Lamb qualified to take the parchment and open the seals? The tune goes ahead to clarify the Lamb’s value. The Lamb is commendable on the grounds that he was killed. It isn’t just that he passed on. Or maybe, the importance of his passing is what is in see. Through the demise of the Lamb, he has recovered individuals for God from each clan, dialect, individuals, and country. “Ransom” intends to get something by paying a cost. By the blood of the Lamb, he purchased the general population for God. His passing got us. The cross is the single characterizing act that makes us feasible for us to be God’s kin. We were lost. Jesus got us. The cross is the Lamb’s demonstration of triumph.

Furthermore, you, who were dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your tissue, God made alive together with him, having excused all of us our trespasses, by dropping the record of obligation that remained against us with its lawful requests. This he put aside, nailing it to the cross. He incapacitated the rulers and specialists and put them to open disgrace, by triumphing over them in him. (Colossians 2:13– 15 ESV)

Notice that the triumph isn’t just finished our transgressions. Christ incapacitated the rulers and experts. He triumphed over them through the cross. The Lamb is qualified to open the parchment and uncover its substance on the grounds that the cross shows triumph.

Not exclusively is the Lamb commendable in view of the cross, he is additionally commendable on account of the power he applies toward his kin. The Lamb has made his kin a kingdom and clerics to our God and rules on the earth. Through the cross, he has made us have an uncommon relationship. We are in the kingdom of God getting his endowments and legacy. We are clerics given direct access to God. We rule on the earth. We are the conquerors. We are the triumphant ones who run with the Lamb now.

Acclaim the Lamb (5:11-14)

John glances again around the position of authority room and hears the voices of bunches and heaps of heavenly attendants. The voices of thousands of holy messengers are stating with an uproarious voice that the Lamb is commendable. The Lamb is qualified to get influence, riches, insight, may, respect, radiance, and gift. Jesus merits these things in light of what he has done. In view of his forfeit, we should give him wonder, respect, and gift. Due to what Jesus has done, the profound creatures are applauding him. Notice that each animal in paradise, on earth, under the earth, in the ocean, and all that is in them proclaim gestures of recognition to the person who sits on the honored position and to the Lamb. Everything at any point made is commending and worshiping God and the Lamb. With these gifts, the four living animals stated, “So be it!” and the older folks tumbled down and worshiped.


We should perceive what Christ has improved the situation us. Through his demise on the cross, he has gotten us with the goal that we can be God’s kin. Christ paid the value so we can be involved with God. Can we be seeing someone, well as we can be in the decision kingdom of God? We are a piece of the indestructible kingdom. We are beneficiaries of the kingdom, offspring of the lord, with every one of the rights and benefits of this status. Are we in his kingdom, as well as we are made to be clerics. We have guide access to the Father to address him and to get pardoning. In addition to the fact that we are made to be ministers, yet we rule with Christ. It doesn’t make a difference the end result for us in this life, our favors are secure. Our legacy is certain. Take a gander at what Christ has done!

When we see and acknowledge what Christ has done, at that point we will love as all the made creatures of paradise and earth revere. We will over and again laud him. We will be in amazement of him. We will bow down before him. We will offer ourselves to him. Our lives will mirror our acclaim and love of the person who sits on the position of authority and the Lamb.

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