Revelation 12:1-The Crown of 12 Stars

When you read in Revelation 12:1 about what shows up on the lady’s head, a heavenly body is being referenced, the planet Jupiter. It’s known as a crown of 12 stars.

Some claim that it is on account of Jupiter has 12 moons that it has this portrayal, yet there is a considerably more convincing approach to comprehend the enlightening reference that does not include any numberings of moons.

A moon isn’t a star, in fact. Nor is a heavenly body, actually, yet a group of stars is an accumulation of stars. Jupiter is the King or Ruling planet, and Jupiter’s crown comprises of every one of the 12 zodiacal groups of stars in a ring. It runs each for one year as it makes its magnificent path through the sky, finishing a full circuit at regular intervals. In the event that each zodiacal group of stars of stars can be depicted as “a star,” at that point each circuit of Jupiter draws a crown of 12 stars in the sky. It’s a stately and exquisite illustrious parade, and to call it a crown of 12 stars is a well-suited idyllic portrayal.

Such an extensive amount the imagery that pervades our age is gotten from another example that is constantly being attracted the sky. The natural numbers, and also the structures being followed out, unmistakably distinguish the planet in charge of it. As you consider what I’m offering to you now, let this address you regarding why Jupiter is known as the crown of 12 stars.

The planet Venus finishes its trademark cycle in each 8 of Earth’s years. There is what is called, the Star of Inanna, which is, by most traditions, a 8 point star. Consider it. The Star of Inanna, who is Venus, is related to a 8 pointed star, similar to how governing Jupiter is with a crown of 12 stars. The numbers both get from their periods in Earth years.

Another number is delivered amid the cycle of Venus on the grounds that, amid these 8 years, Venus makes precisely 13 unrests around the sun. Thus, the number 13 is likewise connected with the planet. Another number emerges from the plan of the example drawn around the sun. Five focuses are separated in a ring. In the event that you see a photo of the goddess and she is wearing a crown, now and again it will have 5 focuses, or 8, or 13, and this is the reason, in view of the Venus example and cycle.

The types of the pentagram, the rose or other sort of bloom, and the natural adapted heart all get from this example. The winding that is perceived as a goddess image gets from the Venus cycle, in light of the fact that the inborn numbers, 5, 8, and 13, are a piece of the Fibonacci Sequence, which numerically portrays a winding as it shows up in the regular creation.

The sun is integral to the Venus design, and in light of the fact that it is focal, it is regularly deciphered as the goddess offering honor to the sun ruler. These things all have meaning, both that which is valid and has been allocated by the Creator and Author of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and that which is a corruption. The corruption is the thing that the Luciferian Illumined and Pagan and misguided worshipers give their consideration regarding, in their love of the false god.

On the off chance that you have been focusing on this blog or our recordings and know the imagery of the Venus design is essential to witches and mediums and the brightened world class, you know there is a certifiable importance fundamental it that is being seized. Jupiter is additionally being regarded in our reality, maybe in Washington, D. C. as much as anyplace else on the planet. Soothsayers give the Bible regard as key source material. The comprehension of imagery is their thing, since they comprehend its energy, and adventure it as they oppose the one genuine God. Then again, the Christians they detest so energetically and endeavor to mislead ceaselessly are taken as prey due to our obliviousness. Moderately straightforward things like how Jupiter is the crown of 12 stars is totally misconstrued. Furthermore, the holy people are being driven around in hovers in perplexity by tares and their flunkies and in the obliviousness of other people who take after these visually impaired aides by doing what they do. We should not be so effortlessly drove adrift. Figure out how to translate different methods of expression and scriptural imagery and the importance of those otherworldly images that backdrop our reality, and the mysterious dialect being composed and talked surrounding us.

Each couple of years, or thereabouts, I wind up rehashing my perception that the indication of Revelation 12 isn’t occurring now. Once more, the indication of Revelation 12 isn’t occurring now. The lady being dressed with the sun needs to do with situating. The moon being under her feet needs to do with situating. The crown on her make a beeline for do with situating. These three components can not be moved out of position and still be legitimate. The crown of 12 stars is about Jupiter. It can not be considered to have nothing to do with situating, and neither can the planet be in some area other than the lady’s head and remain a sign. Take a gander at the heavenly design of 2 BC, on September 29, which was the first day of the seventh/first month, the new moon, scripturally. That is the thing that the sign resembled.

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