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What Does “I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice” Mean?


Jesus advised the Pharisees to go realize what God implied when he stated, “I crave leniency, not yield” (Matthew 12:7) Jesus and his pupils had picked grain and eaten it on the Sabbath. The Pharisees blamed Jesus for infringing upon the Law of Moses by taking a shot at the Sabbath. Jesus demanded he and his pupils were guiltless (the Pharisees didn’t comprehend the heart of God’s law). What tie did Jesus discover between the Pharisees’ utilization of the Law of Moses and an absence of leniency?

Despite the fact that Jesus did not really infringe upon the law, he supported his activities with two illustrations that in fact broke the Law of Moses. David kept running for his life from King Saul, deceived the cleric so as not to double-cross his nearness, then took the sanctified bread just the … Read the rest

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