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How to Lead People to Jesus

lead to jesus

Each adherent is authorized to convey individuals to Jesus. The Lord isn’t requesting that we accomplish something unthinkable or unfeasible. A loyal witness is one who is tenable on a specific subject due to their experience, which appears in their feelings. A witness is additionally a representative, somebody who has a comment regarding the matter. The character of the Lord and the energy of the Holy Spirit working through our lives will give proof of our real Savior, Jesus.

John 3:1-8 recounts the new birth involvement of Nicodemus. Anybody wanting to lead someone else to Christ should know about verse 8: “The breeze blows where it wills, and you hear its sound, and you don’t know where it originates from or where it’s going. So it is with everybody that is conceived of the Spirit.” No individual can get this … Read the rest

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