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Five Truths About Witnessing

my witness

When I was in school and a youthful devotee, one of the primary Christian books I read was Bill Bright’s Witnessing without Fear. It was a useful prologue to evangelism and the call of supporters to be witnesses for Jesus. Simply starting to comprehend what it intended to take after Christ and make teaches, this book helped enormously to be an ‘observer’ for Christ. Today, I’m as yet grateful for that book.

As of late, as I read through Acts, the subject of seeing went to the fore once more. What’s more, how might it not?

In Acts 1:8 Jesus advises his devotees to stay in Jerusalem until the point when the Holy Spirit comes to engage them to be his observers in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the finishes of the earth. To be sure, “seeing” is something … Read the rest

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