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What is the Authority of Jesus

authority of jeses

After Jesus conveyed the Sermon on the Mount, His audience members sat in wonderment. The sacred writing says, “The general population was shocked at his principle: for he showed them as one having an expert, and not as the recorders” (Matthew 7:28-29). The Greek word for a specialist in this verse signifies “with authority, control, freedom; as one in charge.” Jesus’ audience members were stating, basically, “This man talks as though He realizes what He is discussing.”

Note that this verse does not state Christ talked “with expert,” yet rather “as one having specialist.” It is one thing to talk about what we consider as a specialist—in an uproarious, rowdy voice, appearing to have added up to control. In any case, in God’s kingdom, a specialist is something by and large unique. It’s something you have, not something you essentially … Read the rest

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