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How To Walk In Jesus Footsteps

jesus footsteps

Jesus’ life gives an ideal version of what joyous ease and dependence on God could deliver.

Scripture tells us that the invisible, infinite God parted the curtain between heaven and ground and stepped to our neighborhood as the flesh-and-blood human being we know as Jesus Christ. Jesus was the only person in history that got to pick his life circumstances before he was born.

If you might have decided your financial net worth prior to coming to the world, where would you have pegged it? Or, if a genie suddenly appeared before you and offered to improve your yearly income to anything you wanted, just how many zeroes would you add? If you are like me, then your knee-jerk reaction might be, “No matter Bill Gates is creating sounds great. Or Oprah Winfrey. Adjusted for inflation, of course, every year.”… Read the rest

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