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How Can I Have A Personal Relationship With God?

relationship with god

Having an individual association with God starts the minute we understand our requirement for Him, concede we are delinquents, and in confidence get Jesus Christ as Savior. God, our great Father, has constantly wanted to be near us, to have an association with us. Before Adam trespassed in the Garden of Eden (Genesis section 3), both he and Eve knew God on a cozy, individual level. They strolled with Him in the garden and talked straightforwardly to Him. Because of the transgression of man, we ended up isolated and detached from God.

What numerous individuals don’t have a clue, acknowledge, or think about, is that Jesus gave us the most astonishing blessing—the chance to go through time everlasting with God in the event that we trust in Him. “For the wages of transgression is passing, yet the endowment of God … Read the rest

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