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What is the Message of God?

word of god

God, in adoration, has pushed Israel to the edge of total collapse. They are enduring massive agony and they shout out to the Lord for deliverance.

What do you figure an adoring God would do? Truth be told, I would need God to just end my agony, drive out the Midianites, and restore my life back to its serene typicality, much thanks!

In any case, that is not God’s reaction. Rather, He sends a prophet. That looks bad to me – I’m in an awful auto crash and as opposed to sending a cop or EMT officer, the 911 dispatcher sends a columnist! My representation is defective, however here’s the point – when God sends a prophet, it discloses to you that He’s subsequent to something more than just situational help.

God is after the heart – He’s not content … Read the rest

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