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The Best Ways to Serve God

serve god

Numerous Christians consider going into full-time service eventually. It’s just about a soul-changing experience for youthful devotees. We invest years hearing how God is calling us to spread the Gospel, and truly, would you be able to envision much else energizing than sharing your confidence in an intriguing, far-flung nation? The truth, however, is that a large portion of us will never go into missions work. We’ll land ordinary positions, begin families, and perhaps discover an interest in the middle.

While it probably won’t sound as especially glitzy, a customary life still offers various chances to serve Christ. Here are only a couple of straightforward ways Christians can develop their confidence in an everyday schedule.

Invest in Other People

“The whole law is summed up in a solitary summon: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.'” – Galatians 5:14

It’s astounding how … Read the rest

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