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How To Get Your Life Back On Track With Jesus

walking with jesus

Chronicles were composed for Jews who’d returned from Babylonian Captivity. At this point, they’d survived no less than 100 long periods of decimation. After David’s kingdom had been separated, the southern half, Judah, had been obliterated, and the sanctuary had, as well. The general population had been taken as slaves and lived on the base of society in Babylon. There was extremely nothing left of Israel. Narratives were composed to enable these returning outcasts to reestablish their association with God as his pledge individuals. It encourages that keeping God’s contract is the best way to live under his favors. Keeping God’s pledge expects to tune in to God’s oath and to his prophets (2Ch20:20). In Chronicles’ portrayals of a portion of Israel’s best rulers, we can see the desire for our Messiah Jesus. Generally speaking, Chronicles communicates a profound worry … Read the rest

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